24 hour bail bonds denver co

Don’t Ask Your Bondsman for Extras

Bail bondsmen provide a valuable service to families after a loved one is arrested. They allow them to pay a fraction of the court-ordered bond amount to get out of jail. Conditions of release require the defendant to appear in court when designated to answer the charge. If you use a bondsman to help free your loved one, they’ll get on the job quickly and do everything possible to get your loved one out of jail. But, there are some things they cannot do, so don’t ask.

Bondsman Can’t Deliver Messages

It’d be nice if someone could tell your loved one that you are getting them out or to deliver other urgent messages, but it’s not going to be the bondsman to do this. It is against regulations to speak to an inmate.

Bondsman Can’t Get Special Privileges for Your Loved One

Some people think if they ‘know someone’ within the court or legal system, it’s going to help them when behind bars, but this simply isn’t the case. The bondsman cannot give your loved one extra privileges that other inmates do not have.

24 hour bail bonds denver co

They Cannot Decrease the Amount of the Bond

It’d be nice to get a lower bond, especially if you cannot come up with all the cash to get out of jail. And, as much as bondsmen would love to help in this manner if they could, it’s just not possible. This is service the judge renders and all the begging and pleading in the world from a bondsman wouldn’t help lower the numbers.

Bondsmen offer 24 hour bail bonds denver co so it’s easy to get someone at the jail the moment you need them. Keep the information above in mind when you make that call. It’s easier to work with a bondsman when you know what to expect.

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