Legal Actions To Be Taken By Patients Diagnosed With Diseases Caused By Asbestos

Asbestos is a combination of 6 fibrous natural silicates which are resistant to electricity, heat, and fire. This makes asbestos very useful in manufacturing industries. It is used in the tiling of floors, cementing, fire retardant coatings, pipes, insulation of ceilings and pipes, bricks, roofing, acid resistant gaskets, electric insulators, heat resistors etc. Asbestos claims uk is also very firm and durable, making it quite long lasting and spoil-free. However, asbestos is very harmful to the human body. Asbestos causes a variety of diseases to those exposed to it. The effects of asbestos aren’t seen immediately but there are tests that verify is a particular disease is caused by asbestos or not.

Here are the diseases caused by asbestos-

Asbestosis- This affects mainly the lungs. It aids in the formation of scar tissue plaques along the lining of the lungs known as pleura. It suffocates the patient and causes respiratory problems.

Mesothelioma- This is a form of forceful cancer which forms in the mesothelium, a thinly veiled membrane that protects the important organs in abdominal and chest area. This is only caused due to direct exposure to asbestos.

Lung Cancer- While lung cancer is caused due to various other reasons for smoking, it is also caused due to exposure to asbestos. Even though most industries and companies know the dangers of asbestos, they use it widely in the making of their products. By doing so, they risk the lives of many humans by leaving them vulnerable to many asbestos-related diseases. The most common yet life-threatening disease is Mesothelioma.

What can you do if you have Mesothelioma/Lung Cancer/Asbestosis?

If you have valid medical certificates and proper doctor reports with legally conducted test results showing that you have mesothelioma /lung cancer/asbestosis caused by asbestos, then you can sue the company or industry because of working with whom for several continuous years that you got this disease.

There are specialized law firms that help take up cases regarding mesothelioma and suing of companies. Not only do the patients have to put up a tough fight with their body, the medical treatment will also be very expensive. Along with being expensive, the duration of the treatment of such diseases is very long and may take years.

All this takes a toll on the patients and their families physical and mental health.  Mesothelioma law firms help such patients and their families to file a lawsuit and win so that they get the compensation that is due to them to pay medical bills and not have to worry about finances and wages that have been lost.

Claims for Compensation

Once you approach different law firms, you will be able to go to various lawyers who will then help you file a lawsuit against a particular employer, company or industry. To make sure that the case they take up is proper and valid, they will thoroughly go through all your documents and medical reports written by certified doctors hence giving enough proof that you have mesothelioma due to exposure to asbestos.


Since a win in a courtroom can never be guaranteed, there is a risk of lawsuit filers to face a huge risk of losing the money they put in hiring lawyers. However, for cases regarding mesothelioma, lawyers take fee only in the case has been won. In case the case is lost, the lawyers won't collect any sort of payment. So, for the victim, it's a complete win-win situation. If the case is won, then lawyers take around 30%-40% of the money received after sueing a company, industry or individual as their fee.


No win, no fee is the principle that most lawyers and solicitors dealing with such kinds of claims work on. Another important thing to remember is that. if your employer or the company that you were working for is no longer in operation you can still go ahead and file a claim for compensation with the help of various organizations set up for this purpose only. We offer guaranteed and experienced services to put up your claim and ensure that you get the compensation that is your due.